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We service all makes and models of Pressure Washers including:
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Our most popular hot water skid machine. 12 volt burners offer an economical yet reliable method of engineering. Adjustable heat up to 225 F. Pressure available from 3000-4000 @ 4-5 GPM. Machines outfitted with belt drive Cat or General pumps. Fabrication includes all stainless steel chassis with protective roll cage. Available options include wheel kit (pneumatic or casters) hose reel (manual or electric wind) rotary nozzle and telescopic wand.

Machines are commonly fed via large water tanks when trailer mounted providing a complete mobile wash system. Industries relying on this machine include heavy equipment operators, highway construction companies and contract cleaners.

Model PSI GPM Max Temp. Engine
TSESS33HG 3000 3.0 250 Honda Gas
TSESS324HG 3200 4.0 250 Honda Gas
TSESS353DG 3500 3.0 250 Kohler Diesel
TSESS384VG 3800 4.0 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS44VC 4000 4.0 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS35VS 3000 5.0 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS35VH 3000 5.0 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS355VG 3500 5.0 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS355H20G 3500 5.2 250 Honda Gas
TSESS356VG 3500 5.5 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS345V 3400 4.6 250 Vanguard Gas
TSESS285Y 2800 4.6 250 Yanmar Diesel