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We service all makes and models of Pressure Washers including:
Electrically heated unit  

Magnum's electrically heated machines offer the inside user outstanding wash performance with zero emissions. Water is heated via several small electric heating coils. Heat is continuous, making them the preferred machine over competitors models where operator has limited supply of hot water feeding machine. Customer must have three phase 460 volt electric to operate. Pressure ranges from 1500-3000PSI. Maximum operating temperature, 180F. Optional steam feature available, allowing for up to 305F at low pressure. Options for portability include casters or pneumatic tires, allowing machines to be easily placed from one area of a plant to another.

Features include auto shut down for pump protection, adjustable temperature, adjustable pressure, and soap injection. Industries' relying on these machines include any manufacturer with an inside wash bay hand washing large metal parts or equipment. This machine is also popular within the food industry for its emission free feature.

Model PSI GPM Max Temp. Power
TSE32P36 1500 3.0 180 3ph 460v 48a
TSE34P36 2300 3.1 140 3ph 460v 51a
TSE34P48 2300 3.1 160 n/a
TSE34PP72 2000 3.6 175 3ph 460v 96a
TSE34S 110 1.5 305 3ph 460v 93a
TSE34PS 2300/110 3.1/1.5 180/310 3ph 460v 96a
TSE25P38 3000 3.9 140 n/a
TSE25P72 3000 3.9 180 3ph 460v 98a
TSE38P72 2000 7.1 125 3ph 460v 105a