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We service all makes and models of Pressure washers including:
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Our most popular hot water pressure washer includes electric pump drive with diesel or kerosene fired burner. Outstanding temperature rise allows for operating temperatures up to 225F. Pressure ranges from 2000-3500 PSI. Available in single phase 220 volt and three phase 230 and 460 volt. Machines outfitted with industry leading Cat pumps. Belt drive Cat pumps supported by 5 year warranty. Features include auto shut down for pump protection, adjustable heat, adjustable pressure, soap injection and complete stainless steel chassis.

Magnum's electric oil fired machines are commonly used in service shops supporting trucking companies, heavy equipment operators and metal fabricators.

Model PSI GPM Max Temp. Power
TSEHX214E2 2100 4.0 250 1ph 230v 28a
TSEHX214E3 2100 4.3 250 3ph 230v 24a
TSEHX214E4 2100 4.3 250 3ph 460v 12a
TSEHX324E2 3200 3.5 250 1ph 230v 34a
TSEHX355E3 3500 4.3 250 3ph 230v 29a
TSEHX355E4 3500 4.3 250 3ph 460v 15a