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Diatomaceous Earth Filters
DE equipment can be a small machine with a few filters, or it can be a large system with many cells, automatic cleaning features, offering expandability and continuous operation. Made of natural mineral product, featuring 90% porous algae fossils with micron sized holes to be used as filter media to coat retaining screens for a low cost, low micron filter. It is unique in that it can be added during the filtration process instead of just at the start.
DE Filtering

The DE filtering process starts by drawing water through a retaining screen as show in figure 1, DE is added to the water and the water is run back through the screen to form a even coating of DE on the screen as shown in figure 2, Once the screen is coated the water that is to be filtered is passed through the screen as shown in figure 3, throughout the filtering process more DE is added to extend the life of the filter as shown in figure 4.

When the filter stops up the water pump shuts off and the DE coat falls off. A jet spray removes the rest of the DE and the filtering process is continued after recoating the screen.