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We service all makes and models of Pressure Washers including:
Cold Water Unit Made in the USACat Logo

Electric cold water machines include pumping system only and no burner. Machines do not heat water however pumps are capable of accepting customers' existing supply of hot water if desired. This feature makes for an emission free portable hot water machine, perfect for food processing industry or any place where emissions are problematic and customer has ready source of hot water.

Machines are available in single phase 220 volt and three phase 230 and 460 volt electric. Belt drive Cat pumps are standard in all models. Pressure ranges from 2000-3500 PSI. Features include auto shut down for pump protection, wall mount remote control, adjustable pressure, soap injection, and complete stainless steel chassis. These machines offer portability with wheel kits or wall mount installation.

Model PSI GPM Max Temp. Power
TSECN214E2 2100 4.0 n/a 1ph 230v 28a
TSECN324E2 3200 3.5 n/a 1ph 230v 38a
TSECN355E3 3500 4.3 n/a 3ph 230v 27a
TSECN355E4 3500 4.3 n/a 3ph 460v 14a